Curse The Dawn (2009)
Curse the Dawn (2009)
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I think this has been my favorite novel in the Cassie Palmer series so far. There are admittedly times that I feel like some of the battles, time shifts, etc., are becoming repetitive, and I do occasionally get tired of Cassie's whining about not having any training, but I still enjoy all the mayhem she causes. This time, she's still dodging all of the various enemies out to kill her, but she does manage to form some alliances. This novel is a lot more political than the others, with factions within the various groups fighting over control. Cassie also finds out a bit more about her father. Will larger problems (of god-like proportions!) help them come together to keep them all from being destroyed? Will Cassie survive intact? Will she ever quite whining about the attention Mercea lavishes on her? (Really? You're complaining? We all should have such problems!) And more importantly, how many more perfectly good outfits will she ruin? This was probably the funniest book in the series so far. There were some parts where either the dialogue or situation was so hilarious that I found myself literally laughing out loud. There are also what I think are teasers for Chance's other series, the Dorina Basarab series, although I don't know that for certain at this point (but will soon find out when I read them). Cassandra’s life is a hectic tornado whipped into action at every corner, every moment. She hasn’t been pithia long but everyone’s still gunning for her, new problems are erupting left and right while she’s trying to stem the issues already existing and all these overwhelming situations leave me needing a cup of tea and nap myself!Karen Chance has injected humor throughout every book, but I have to say this is probably the funniest. It’s still serious with plenty of action – almost too much – but there’s loads of humorous dialogue and situations woven in convincingly. The bodyguards Mircea placed on Cassie are especially funny. I love Marco as the protective vampire – in fact, I feel bad for him as he has to look after Cassie, who rarely listens and pays attention, always winding herself into disasters and near death experiences.I’m not saying Cassie’s dumb really. She’s intelligent enough, but she doesn’t listen to advice well and is kind of a “jump in before you think” kind of gal. Sometimes it’s understandable, other times it’s just frustrating and leaving me wanting to strangle her too. She does need more growth. We get some back story with her parents and revelations about that; I have a feeling that’s going to play a bigger part in future stories.As always Mircea is yummy, but he’s around here less than I’d figure. I am switching to team Pritken slowly but surely. I never found the mage attractive before, but that’s changing. It’s not a full-fledged triangle yet, but it’s getting there…maybe? There is a hot scene that’s forced upon Cassie, but I still liked it. And seriously, very hot. It brings dimension to the characters, making me even more curious what’s going to happen with their lives.I do wish Chance would do more with the ghosts and that ability, but so far nothing yet. Exclamation points are still used too much in dialogue, but overall it’s well written. The action is still high and strong, but I like how it’s calming down some to become less confusing and more interesting in a character-focused way. I’m also delighted to see one of the enemies, the Silver Circle, calm down as that plot pressure was growing thin.
I loved it! I is funny, fast paced, and action packed with a touch of lust. I couldn't put it down.
Ah, so fucking funny :) At the ending I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes hahaha ah :p
Love the amount of time Pritkin is in this book, but wish there was more Mircea too!
Great... i absolutely love the ever expanding characters
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