Curves By Design (2012)
Curves by Design (2012)
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Scott Erotica
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For a free read this was a very engaging BBW romance short. The characters were so very likable. Molly & Devon are star crossed alright. So, crossed all the wires are mislabeled. Molly has a mother from HELL who talks in her head even when she hangs up from their awful phone calls. She has her mother weight issue tapes playing in her head that Devon really has his work cut out for him if he stands a chance at winning her affections. This is a book that follows true to life with a HEA. This is the first book by J.S. Scott that I have read and I will be hunting down more! It was nice to read about a full-figured woman as the main love interest and not your traditional type of woman. Molly knows that she has self-esteem issues thanks to her mom's thoughts on her weight all her life. Devon Richards is a sexy, archetict who thinks Molly is a sensual, beautiful woman and he would love to spend more time with her. He is devestated when he believes that she is dating his little brother. When he finds out that they are not together, he realizes that nothing is going to stand in his way of making Molly his. Their story is a nice case of the full-figure girl getting the hot man in the end.I was not a fan of the manipulation that he used to get her to go on a date with him. However, I am a full-figured woman and I know how hard headed and stubborn we can get. My husband tells me that he would have probably pulled the same kind of stunt to get me to go out with him!This is a short story but well worth the read.
DNF 46%. All telling and no development. Also not a fan of the "sleep with me or else" non/dub-con.
The story in this one was a little bit more developed.
sweet read
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