Daisy McDare And The Deadly Art Affair (2000)
Daisy McDare And The Deadly Art Affair (2000)
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Daisy McDare is an interior decorator with a broken heart and a sweet tooth. She takes on a job mainly to be able to catch up with her childhood friend and finds herself in a dinner scene worthy of Southfork Ranch. She feels horrible for the situation she found her friend living in and was concerned for her mental health. Feeling as though there was nothing she could do, Daisy plugs on with the job so she can keep an eye on her friend. It was shocking to find her friend living the way she was but not as shocking as finding her friend's husband dead. Now her friend is in trouble and its up to Daisy to solve the mystery of whodunit when everyone has a motive. Very cute story about an interior decorator, Daisy, who has some serious sleuthing skills. When asked to redecorate a room for an out of touch friend from childhood, Daisy finds herself in a hostile, soap opera (spoiled rich people) type household including the household staff. After her friend’s husband, an accomplished artist, ends up dead the question is who didn't want him dead? This book, novella in length, has the makings of a good, comedic, light hearted mystery. Daisy’s character is well described, but many of the secondary characters are not well developed. If they will be included in more books of the series their character and personalities need further definition. It would be nice to learn how Daisy knows how to determine if someone is truthful and how her friends know of her ability to solve puzzling situations.K.M. Morgan has an engaging writing style. I will probably read more books of this series as it was entertaining. This book does need work with editing for typographical and grammatical errors which make some of the paragraphs and sentences seem choppy i.e. not flow smoothly. I’m rating this as 4 stars as I did enjoy the book and see the potential for a great series.
well written,interesting & over too fast. Daisy is a very believable character.
Fun little cozy mystery. A really light quick read.
light, fun, and enjoyable!
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