Daric's Mate (2013)
Daric's Mate (2013)
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Scott Publishing
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At first I felt sad when he said that he is going to renounce Hannah as his mate.. But when he said that he couldn't because he was already love her that was the sweeting thing even tho he was just an arrogant vampire healer☺. It was also so sweet how he come to her reacuse her from the fallen that caring that he will have backlash when he kills. Like I said on all my reviews I love this books☺ I would have given this book a five star rating, but anything that grabs your interest and cuts it short, can only earn four stars. Love the characters, wish I had more of them without jumping to a new book. There is a storyline, you are getting hints to a whole story, out really need to read these in succession to get the whole view. I really love all the characters and what I got of story, just dislike novellas.
absolutely the best of the series, didn't feel like a repeating pattern as some of the others did.
By far the best book in the series!
Nice wrap up.
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