Dark Endings (2000)
Dark Endings (2000)
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No se si hay algo que no estoy alcanzando a captar o qué. He leído opiniones que dicen lo ''genial'' que son estos libros pero la verdad que no terminan de convencerme, lo cual es decepcionante porque tiene todo para gustarme. Comenzó bastante bien, estaba contenta con la idea de Cody y todo eso pero después... todo es demasiado dramático para mi y Low es simplemente decepcionante por un minuto me engaño y en verdad creí que seria fuerte y podría lidiar con todo pero naa.Esperemos que el próximo sea mejor. 4.5 stars.I had a great Sunday reading this whole series. I went to be at 4am just because I couldn’t put it down. This series is the MOTHER of all drama. Lord! Nonetheless, I was hooked from the moment I’ve read the synopsis. I wanted to read another motorcycle club story, and I got this book from the drop down list. Good thing because, the story was really good. Bad for my bank account since I have bought all books, and they are not cheap. Anyways, I do not regret at all. Book one, was awesome. I was in love with Jagger from the get go. What can I say; I melt for bad ass, tough guys with a big heart. This is the best off the whole series. Not too angstsy, but not too soft either. Willow is introduce right there as a smart mouth, strong, family-friend oriented, not shy at all and with a lot of guts with a loved. The rest of the characters, well, they really felt in the right place. Book two, I was really excited. It kind of had that dark and twisted vibe, but it didn’t get quite there. It was a rollercoaster and definitely, a good continuation of the story. Book three, it has a lot of twist and turns and although predictable, I wanted to get to the end and see what was going too happened. Book four, it is completely different…where books 1, 2, 3 where dealing with bad guys, and crazy women, and some other shenanigans…this one is a whole different situation. Dealing with the outcome, with the sorrow, pain and psych! To me it was the least strong of them all; however, it was the most emotional. The reason that I did not give this series 5 stars, it is because first, it has a lot of grammatical errors; second, it has some down-time, I found myself jumping to some paragraphs. And three, there were some instances that I couldn’t understand what was happening because, the scene jumped from one place to another, or from one thing to another and to me, it was not clearly elaborated or explained. Overall, it was a good series, good characters. I suggest you buy them all together, finish one and keep reading the next. I will definitely looking forward for “DARK LUST” ACE’s story.
Def 5 stars...I love this series and I'm so glad she coming out with a 4th book!!
Whoa not how I expected to it end, but its a brilliant series loved it all :0)
me desespera que ocurra tanto conflicto
3.5 stars
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