Dark Pursuit (2008)
Dark Pursuit (2008)
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031027642X (ISBN13: 9780310276425)
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Another seatbelt suspense. I've lower my usual five star rating to a three star. I did this because the whole story just didn't hit the usual grand apex I've come to enjoy. The main character, Kaitlin, is a week character. To have a druggie on the streets in LA, she'd be street smart. Yet she didn't act accordingly when she discovered the body. She was a strong person to quit rugs, get a drivers license, push for grant to go back to school... She was a street kid who worked hard to earn a better life. Then when she has a better life and finds a dead body on her bed, what happens? The street smarts disappear along with the strong character she was supposed to be. I did have a feeling about who the murderer was, and it turned out I was right. And then, the story just abruptly ends with a scene of her grandfather, not her. The story cuts off way too quickly. Too many thing were left the the reader's imagination instead of have full closure. I absolutely LOVE Brandilyn Collins. But I am disappointed with this one. This book was really a no-brainer and in the thrill department a little disappointing. Basically, Kaitlin is having a bad day, she finds out she's pregnant, comes home to a dead body in her apartment and it looks like the killer is her boyfriend of 3 whole months -the baby's father-she is abused by him, gets hit by a car trying to run away and makes up with her debilitated estranged Grandfather who just so happens to be the author of 99 books but can't seem to get the 100th written to due a brain injury. The Grandfather helps her out of her mess in under 48 hrs and discover the true killer-which in the end doesn't really make sense but whatever....
Good mystery, but if you are reading her books for the first time, I would start with Violet Dawn.
An excellent story, but as the title implies dark. I expected it to be more overtly Christian.
A true seatbelt thriller and God came along for the ride too.
This was a good book but the twist was too predictable.
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