Días De Sangre Y Resplandor (2013)
Días de sangre y resplandor (2013)
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I love the first book. If you thought that the first book needed more detail then just read this. It has plenty of detail and then some. Now I love a detailed book. 85 chapters of pure amazing. This world is familiar and different. I honestly didn't think I would like this trilogy. I'm so glad I do though. Karou kicks but. Akiva kicks but. Zuzanna kicks but. And I love it. The character development is just wonderful to me. I love good character development. I wish I could go into more detail, but I don't want to spoil anyone. Message me if you want to talk about this book. As per usual, Laini Taylor threw down the literary gauntlet. Her writing is on point, people. I feel like I KNOW these characters. I'd have moments where I'd chuckle out loud and say, "Oh, Zuze" or "That's so like you, Hazael." This second book in the trilogy really allowed Taylor to dig even deeper into the world she's created and build x5 upon it. Her characters went further and the plot ran wild - which I love. There were a few times where I almost skipped the chapter from a different character's POV just to get back to so-and-so's storyline. I'm so invested in this series, it's unreal. I'm going to take a break before reading the third book, just to sort of have a fresh mind and perspective. I want to savor the ending!
WOW. What a masterpiece. Impeccable writing, fine storytelling and what great depth.
An interesting follow up to the first.
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