Das Glücksrezept: Roman (2000)
Das Glücksrezept: Roman (2000)
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This Barbara O'Neal novel transported me to the lanes, restaurants and abodes of Taos. Every scene set in the fictional Los Ladrones I could picture in Taos from the hanging tree in the plaza to the 60s commune turned organic farm.Tessa submerges herself into the location's culture and community with the possibility of finding her history and identity. She finds more than ever expected including a love interest. Love the recipes from The 100 Breakfasts Cafe which I picture as Taos' real Gutiz with its unique menu and hit quality.I really enjoyed this story beside the familiarity of the setting. I picked The Secret of Everything up at the library based on goodreads' recommendation. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I really enjoyed reading this. Tessa is a tour guide that's recovering from a previous accident (tour that went wrong), living with her dad trying to heal. She ends up heading towards New Mexico to a town where she knew she lived in / was born in but doesn't have much memory of. She thinks the little town could work out with her company for potential tours so she heads out to scout out the area. While she's in Las Ladronas, she meets Vince - a single father of three girls - along with Vita, the owner of 100 breakfasts, and a few others. Tessa's father was against the idea of her going back to Las Ladronas - he doesn't like to talk about it nor is he interested in going with her. The Secret of Everything is a story about Tessa finding herself - who she is and what she wants in life. It was a quicker read but really enjoyable. Bonus - there are recipes at the end of each chapter :)
I want to unread it so I can read it again. Just beautiful.
Not only a good read... But great recipes as well.
Predictable outcome but an okay story.
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