Das Versprechen Des Blutes (2013)
Das Versprechen des Blutes (2013)
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3802592379 (ISBN13: 9783802592379)
Egmont LYX
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Elder Races 5Against Dragos' better judgment, Pia goes to the Elves' conclave in South Carolina to negotiate a treaty. Her mate is busy overseeing the Wyr competition that will choose a new set of Sentinels. When a rival Elf suddenly appears, Dragos must make a different type of alliance.It is great to check in again with Dragos and Pia, the couple who started this wonderful series. The danger that they find is the worst kind, a good man who has become corrupted, destroying the very people he wanted to protect. We also get to see more of Peanut, including what his true name will be. Lovely tale. 4.5 out of 5. 4.5/5; 5 stars; AThis review is for the audio version. I just love this series. I enjoyed the audiobook for Lord's Fall, even more than the paperback. I think that is due to Sophie Eastlake's narration. The personalities of the characters comes through so much better. I particularly loved Eva, the snarky, hard-ass bodyguard who gives Pia such a hard time in the beginning but comes around to being a loyal and devoted protector. When I read this book last year I wasn't paying enough attention so this time I really got the connection between the 'God Machine', and the Oracle's prophecy from book 4. Well done.
Honestly, not as awesome as Dragon Bound, but still a fun, entertaining read for the beach.
I LOVE this series! I have mad-love for Dragos but I'm seriously crushing on Graydon.
Pia and Dragos are my two favorite characters in the Elder Races novels.
Awesome read! Fun, adventure & romance, what more could you ask for?
I'm really loving Thea Harrison!
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