Daughter Of Smoke & Bone (2011)
Daughter of Smoke & Bone (2011)
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0316134023 (ISBN13: 9780316134026)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
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Well-written in choice of descriptive words, memorable characters, and plot intrigue. I only scored it 3 stars because I don't enjoy the subject matter. Mythical creatures hold no interest to me. I read this for one of my book clubs. I only read the first few pages until the day before; I kept putting it off. But after I got into it I was surprisingly entertained. I may even finish the series at some point when I have nothing else to read. My favorite description that I remember was when our hero was hurt and "conciousness strobbed." It is so descriptive; I can just picture his painful situation after injury. Brilliant Stuff!.......I just have to tell everyone how much I love, love, loved this whole Trilogy (and Zuze's spinoff)Laini Taylor... her writing is beautiful, just like her pink hair! and I recommend anyone who even remotley likes reading fantasy to give this a go (and tell me how much they love it too!)This story has everything, it's funny and charming, exciting, romantic and emotional (and not always at the same time)I fell in love with so many of the characters... I would love to see a Ziri Novella please?I will say that I have given each of these books 5 well deserved stars as they are truely awesome, but, the story only really begins after the first book... and after reading all three back to back (yes, I read the first two 'again' before even starting the third one) I am so sad that it is finished and I'm at a loss for what to read next... actually, I think I might have a book hangover meh!Anyway... read it!... you'll love it! :D xxx
This book was pretty good and I'm planning on continuing the trilogy.
ah.. the feels for this book.. gosh how to go on...
Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.
Not for me!
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