Day At The Office, A (2013)
Day at the Office, A (2013)
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1612184553 (ISBN13: 9781612184555)
Lake Union Publishing
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Office romance....hmmm...why does it sound so familiar? Oh yeah, I met my husband at work. We were in the same company for more than a decade, we both didn't know it would be such a relief for one of us to change course and transfer (by way of career of course).Anyway, back to the story... This is all about the goings on in an office on Valentine's Day - both as a result of what happened in the past, and the prospect of what may happen from thereon. It focuses on five officemates, who each has some heartache to mend or an old life to move from. It clearly demonstrates how open communication is so important... No one in this setting has had any office romance yet, though a couple of them were prospecting, and at the end of the story, that prospect was brighter. With my personal experience, I can't say it's not a good thing.Story-telling wise, Matt Dunn's style is witty, funny, and refreshing. He is able to capture both the male and female perspectives and does so with close accuracy. I will be in the lookout for more of his books. An enjoyable read, I quite liked the fact that the whole thing was set during the course of Valentine's Day and centered on the workers of a particular office. It had some likeable characters but I felt some of the humour was a bit forced. Good fun nonetheless and it was nice to see how all the various characters' interaction affected things. I wouldn't rave about it but it was ok. It was also fairly short so an easy read.
Cute. If you really loved Love Actually, you'd probably enjoy.
Not my thing. I tried though...
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