Day Of Doom (2013)
Day of Doom (2013)
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 8A Yalding Lin 1/3/15 Writing Ms. DeBianchi The 39 Clues: Day of Doom Have you ever wanted to save the world from a calamity cause by humans or by natural causes using clues? Well, in The 39 Clues: Day of Doom by David Baldacci, two teenagers, Amy and Dan Cahill discovers a terrifying endgame that will bring millions of people to harm. Their objective is to save the world from exploding and creating disasters. But in order to do so, they must stop Vesper One from obtaining a dangerous object. The 39 Clues: Day of Doom is a book that has an action-packed plot, exciting characters that keep readers going, and a interesting theme making this book a must-read. First, the author uses action to make this fictional story tempting. There is suspense and danger lurking whenever the main characters of the book find clues to help save the world. “It’s nice to know you can keep things light when surrounded by danger and the potential for the destruction of the world” (Baldacci, 105) is a quote from the book explaining the conflicts of what Amy and Dan are facing. The author also includes famous people from history such as Lewis and Clark’s compass or noting how Benjamin Franklin was a Cahill for the story to be more intense. “Cahill family…the most powerful family in the world….members included some of the most famous people of all time…” (Baldacci, 9). Not only does the author uses history but also science fiction so readers will not be bored. “They all looked up at the Doomsday device.” (Baldacci, 236). But not only does the author have such detail in this intriguing plot but also towards the characters. Second, Amy and Dan are brothers and sisters who lost their parents but is taken care of by their grandmother who was the leader of the Cahill clan. The author uses vivid details to describe these two characters to keep the attention of readers. “His sister, Amy sixteen years old and the de facto leader of the Cahill clan….she was tall and pretty and unbelievably smart” (Baldacci, 5) conveys readers Amy is older than Dan and takes care of him but Dan also makes trouble for her sister. They both constantly fight to resolve problems but they both love each other. “I’m with you, sis. To the end.” (Baldacci, 8). The Cahill family is a clan with members of famous people and is also the most powerful family too. But they also have an opposing clan going neck-to-neck with them which is the Vespers, a shadowy organization threatening to destroy the world by demanding a series of bizarre ransoms around the world. Part of the story, a woman named Isabel Kabra is what the protagonists fight against. But later on, the antagonist, Isabel, sacrifices to save her children, Amy, and Dan. That shows love and respect even for someone trying to devastate the Earth. Therefore, the author creates this story with intense characters that readers can enjoy. Lastly, to end off with, the author initiates an engaging theme fitted right into the story. The theme of this story was about the end of the world and two teenagers moving on to save it. In the story, Amy showed trust because even though the people she worked with were Vespers, she still saved them from the Doomsday device. Another theme of the story was love since Isabel sacrificed herself for revenge of her dead daughter who was killed by Vesper One. This meant Isabel cared for her children and also her enemies, the Cahills. “I think she really cared for you two….deep, deep down.” (Baldacci, 267). So, there are many themes in this story hidden among the passages that sure have readers looking but still, the author makes themes related to this story. In conclusion, the author uses an action-filled plot, exotic characters, and enthralling themes to create this story of hope, lost, and prosperity including science fiction and historical people. My overall opinion of this book is that the book and author has not bored me but had me continue reading. I hope that you also read this book because of all the excitement and action. But after you read this book, what will be your opinion about this book? David Baldacci writes like a newbie role-player. I really, really wish that someone else had written this book. This guy thinks that the best way to solve a love triangle is to kill off one person. Just brilliant. He butchered several characters' personalities, made some very improbable (more than usual, that is) things happen, and shoved some characters that were getting lots of nice development in other books into the corner. He left things hanging, things that were hinted at in previous books, and anything that he did manage to conclude was cliche. You're better off imagining your own ending.
think i might need to read these in order... could not get into it... not like his other books.
Good way to end this series. Sad parts but very good plot.
"We're Cahills. We save the world. It's what we do."
Predictable, rate it for very young reader's.
Amazing ending to the series
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