Days Of Blood And Starlight (2012)
Days of Blood and Starlight (2012)
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1444722670 (ISBN13: 9781444722673)
Hodder & Stoughton
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Segunda parte de la trilogía Hija de Humo y Hueso, excelente! En esta etapa es cuando se da a conocer la verdadera historia del final de la primera parte, es doloroso, y ahí se dan a conocer nuevos personajes, nuevos mundos y se desata una guerra, masacre, así como el verdadero origen del protagonista. El final te deja aún más intrigado. Excelente libro, es un poco más extenso, más personajes, más historias que procesar. hasta aquí me enamoré de Laini Taylor. Days of Blood and Starlight was better than Daughter of Smoke and Bone, which I only started to get into after the wishbone was broken. Basically, the end of the book. This book though I was wanting to know what was happening with Karou and her people and then I was confused why she was working with that White Wolf after everything she went through with him in her preious life.Zuzanna and Mik are awesome. I really like those characters. I'm not too bothered with the angels actually. I mean they call the chimaera monsters but I think they're the monsters. I don't get why they want all the chimaera dead other than the fact they're different/other. Sounds a lot like Hitler with the Jews to me. There was no reason for what he started and it's the same in this world. I started to want Karou with Ziri in this book. I don't see it happening because she's all about Akiva but he (Ziri) is better suited for her. I never like Akiva in the first book but I bet they'll be together in the last one. So predictable. So annoying too. Anyway I'll be reading the last book in the trilogy this month and then I'll finally be done with it. I wish I'd never read the first one to be honest. I mean, they're not the worst books I've ever read but they are far from the best. I'm reallyl glad I didn't buy the trilogy like I was going to. Thankfully my library has the books.
This is an amazing read. So many twists and turns. You are always guessing.
This book was good and I am looking forward on completing the trilogy.
Bättre än tvåan, 3,7
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