De Geboorte Van Een Moordenaar (2011)
De geboorte van een moordenaar (2011)
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De fontein
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A prequel series to his Cirque du Freak books, The Sage of Larten Crepsley follows the life of vampire Larten, who will play such an important part in the later books featuring young Darren. Set three hundred years ago, we meet Larten as a human. We see the world through his eyes, and learn how he has become the person he is.The thing that stands out first is the writing style in Birth of a Killer. It is so different from how Mr Shan has written his Demonata series, which I have read before this one. The language in Birth of a Killer is slightly more formal, richer, more detailed. Especially the more formal part worked really well with the historical feel. It was nice to see that he has such a diversity of writing. And I liked the way he demonstrates the feelings of the characters. Beautifully, detailed. Larten Crepsley never planned to go on a blood thirsty rage streak and kill his boss at the age of 11. It all kind of just... happened. When his boss killed Larten's dearest friend and relative, Vur Horston, all he could think of was the rage that had overcome him. Having killed the boss in front of the other children that had been working to support their families in his poor neighborhood, word spread like wildfire, all heck broke loose, and soon enough, the whole village was hunting him down with a penalty equal to the punishment given to a vampire. With Larten no longer belonging, being accepted, or even being able to stay alive in the village, he ran away from town to the very outskirts. At that point, he had stopped at a graveyard. The rain forced him to get into a crypt. And soon afterwards, the penalty of being a vampire that was given to an 11 year old boy had soon been given to a real vampire.I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to burn through a book that is interesting, well developed, and fast paced. Darren Shan was able to successfully use description and tone so that he could creat a captivating story about a well known, yet intriguing topic.
great start to a great series
I liked it but not very much.
great book, loved it
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