De Verdwenen Mona Lisa (2010)
De verdwenen Mona Lisa (2010)
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A.W. Bruna
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Not as rivetting as some historical non-fiction that I have read, but a good read for certain audiences. People interested in art history or true crime would probably really enjoy this history of the theft of Mona Lisa that occurred just before World Was I. I never studied the nineteen-teens in history class, so I enjoyed reading about some of the people and events from that time. History buffs, this is a book for you. I loved this book! It really brought Mona Lisa to life for me in so many ways. I love that the story of the theft covered many different eras and even brought in some insight on Picasso. Wonderfully written. I loved the descriptions, especially "...Picasso's gang of painters and poets were the outlaws of traditional art, riding into town like the cowboys of the Wild West to slay the Renaissance gods." And I loved the last three paragraphs...but don't read them first.
I definitely got a lot more appreciation for the Mona Lisa reading this book. Great book!
good book in terms of the history of the theft of the Mona Lisa but a tedious read.
So far? Loving it. So much art history wrapped up in one story. Learning a lot.
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