Dead, White, And Blue (2013)
Dead, White, and Blue (2013)
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Berkley Hardcover
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A Master’s BestThis book is one of Carolyn Hart’s best and shows why the Mystery Writers of America named her a Grand Master. As usual, the book begins with short vignettes that show possible motives while introducing key characters. The mystery plot is carefully developed from there to the exciting dénouement that exposes the true murderer. As always, the author is on point with showing how evil can inhabit anyone, allowing the villain to justify his or her actions in a cold-blooded fashion with twisted logic. Ms. Hart does such a good job explaining the characters, we can almost feel sympathy for both the victim and the murderer, and most certainly for the innocents damaged by their actions. The only piece that seems out of place is when the author sends three main characters, “The Intrepid Trio,” off on a cruise during most of the book. It does allow her to concentrate more on Max and Annie while also showing an interesting way of integrating new technology into the plot. One of the best scenes involves an old fashioned telephone booth, making its anachronistic existence an important part of the climax. With this book the reader shares in an excellent recreation of life on an Atlantic barrier island during the Fourth of July holiday, with the usual main characters being provided with good reasons for going on their search for the killer, not avoiding police involvement but enhancing the official investigation. An excellent choice for any season, this is a particularly good book to read on the beach. Carolyn Hart's 23rd book in the Death on Demand series, Dead, White and Blue has shades of Agatha Christie running through it, as well as, as old fashioned game of Clue. Annie Darling and her husband Max are investigating a couple of disappearances in Broward's Rock and there are definitely some fireworks. Long times readers of the series will marvel at Hart's ability to keep the series fresh and original, while new fans will line up to read the other 22 books in this long lived series. A great addition to the series!What I liked:Carolyn Hart is a master at devising new and entertaining plots for her Death on Demand series. Every book has a central theme that Hart works from and Dead, White and Blue is no different. Hart works not from a murder, but a disappearance angle with this book, which was an interesting plot device, and one she hasn't used before with the series. I think readers continue to flock to Hart's books because they are tied together but still provide an original plot every time. Adultry seems to be on the dance card at the Broward's Rock 4th of July Dance. Shell Hurst is a bit notorious in town and wives have to keep close tabs on their husbands when she is around. When she abruptly disappears during the dance, several people are glad to see her go. But it's up to Annie and Max to find out what really happened in Dead, White and Blue. I liked the theme for this one. There are tons of suspects and a plethora of motives. Hart pulls out all the stops to explain what could have happened to Shell and to the waiter who saw her walk away that night. I think readers will have a difficult time trying to pin down the killer. It's one of the things that make the Death on Demand books so good, they are not at all predictable.Was it Miss Scarlett in the Lounge with the knife? The ending for this one reminds me a good old fashioned game of clue. Where Annie and Max think they know whodunit, but they can't prove it without drawing out the killer. I love the fact that Hart stays true to her writing roots and continues to write her stories with a flair for Agatha Christie. Her writing is similar to one of the greats in mystery writing and the ending in Dead, White and Blue is exactly how Christie would done it. Get them all together and force a confession. Miss Marple or Hercule Perot would have been proud. It was perfect!What I didn't like:Not much to talk about here, since this is one of good ones. Hart has a knack for writing great old school mysteries that draw the reader in and won't let go. I loved it.Bottom Line:If you love Agatha Christie, Carolyn Hart is the writer for you. This a great addition to the Death on Demand series which I for one, hope continues until there are a hundred titles. It's just that good. You'll be missing out if you don't give this one a close examination!
I used to read Carolyn Hart all the time. I think I've outgrown the genre.
Another good entry. Classic Carolyn Hart. Awesome as always.
good book to read, moves quickly.
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