Death, And The Girl He Loves (2013)
Death, and the Girl He Loves (2013)
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St. Martin's Griffin
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Very good trilogy. I was surprised for not even seeing how it was going to end. I love it when a author shocks me.Thank you Darynda Jones for giving me these characters to enjoy. I don't think I have laughed out loud so much for a while. I also cried (but for me a great book makes me love the characters and cry when they are hurt or sad).I look forward to more new characters coming from this author. I have read other series from Darynda and have yet to be disappointed. Please keep them coming Darynda,Teri I’ve been an enthusiastic fan of Darynda Jones since I read “First Grave on the Right,” from her ever-popular, adult Charley Davidson series. When she firmly planted her foot into the YA genre, I was ready. There wasn’t a question in my mind that she’d take her signature style, transform it for a younger audience, and excel. Jones has done just that and with the third installment to this series, “Death and the Girl he Loves,” she continues to entertain. Lorelei McAlister is faced with a monumental problem—the fate of the world is on her shoulders and while teens can sometimes exaggerate a situation, this isn’t one of those times. Lorelei has faced demons, death, and destruction, but now her world is completely out of hand. She’s been sent to a boarding school with unruly, outcasts of the rich, far from her desert home and without the benefit of her own carefully chosen motley crew. And as if finding new friends and fitting in isn’t trouble enough, the death threats she receives confirm someone knows who or what she is.The trip across the states to relocate Lorelei for her own safety is turning out to be a crummy move. Not only is she now receiving notes with hastily drawn murder vignettes, but the visions of innocents dying at the vicious hands of otherworldly beings has reached a crescendo. Leaving her home did nothing to stop—or even slow—what past prophets predicted. Now, the miles separating her from family, friends, and the ever-present angel of death seem insurmountable. When the world’s at stake, excuses just won’t do and Lorelei finds an unlikely ally to help her return. The question that continues to haunt Lorelei is what the hell she’s going to do when she gets there. Everyone says she’s ready, but until you’re faced with the end, does anyone really know what they’re capable of? “Death and the Girl he Loves” is another dazzling installment in an entertaining series for all ages. Reviewed by Shannon Raab for Suspense Magazine
It was a good book and quite a decent ending to the series.
I thought this was the best book in the series
Nice job Darynda! Totally satisfying series!
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