Deliver Us From Evil (2010)
Deliver Us From Evil (2010)
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Grand Central Publishing
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This might be one of the worst books that I have read in a long time. It's a real shame, because Baldacci is a fine author, I just didn't care for this book in particular. The dialogue is laughable at times and there is nothing gripping or even really thrilling about this book. After slogging through the middle parts with Shaw dating Reggie, while each is in pursuit of the same guy yet neither knows it, Baldacci had a nice chase plot set up. Reggie and Shaw finally learn each other's identities and agendas, there's even a nice little action scene and...then...they are just back in England. The antagonist survives...Reggie ponders on what she should wear on a date with Shaw...blah! I quit reading at this point, so I will never know what happens in the end. But, I could guess the ending anyway (and, no, I won't tell you my guess as it would be a spoiler). This book is not only dull but it is highly frustrating. And the more I thought about it, the more ridiculous Reggie and her team seemed to be. The "suspense" is no where near Hitchcock, either. And, if this was the most gripping novel of 2010, then there were a lot of dull books back then. Back covers lie. I'm not sure what to think about this book, it should have been called "Identity Crisis" because is this a romantic novel or is it a spy novel? It is advertised as a thriller but from what I've read, it's a wannabe romance. With two characters going through the clichéd "I'm not in love, it's just a job, I'm just concerned for her welfare, but then again, he's attractive..." BLAH!2/5 stars. I never knew much about Stalin starving the Ukranian people and the horiffic KGB prople who followed in his footsteps. This book gives the history of these events but also follows 2 groups of vigilantes (one ENglish, one US) who seek out monsters and erradicate them unknown to each other. Evan Waller is a bizzare character capable of such cruelty one can only imagine. He has great resources and wealth ill gotten from slave trade and other such businesses. It a fast read, has some twists and turns . THe end is a bit unfathomable but all in all one of Baldacci's better stories (except for the Camel Club series)
I really enjoyed the dark plot. It kept me on the edge of my seat and at times, cringing.
Good thriller by Baldacci, but not as good as the others I have read so far.
Writing is great, but I'm sooo done with Nazis.
Too scary to read.
good story
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