Der Ungewöhnliche Held Aus Zimmer 13B (2014)
Der ungewöhnliche Held aus Zimmer 13B (2014)
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How does one cope with normal stresses related to being a teenager and at the same time deal with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)? This is the life of the book’s fifteen-year-old Adam Ross. Adam is making efforts to overcome his obsessions by taking medication, by participating in individual therapy sessions, and by attending group therapy with other teens led by the counselor, Chuck. It is in this group therapy that Adam meets Robyn, who he considers to be the love of his life. This group also offers him a chance to make some new friends as he unconsciously takes on the role of helpmate and supporter to the other participants. In spite of Adam’s efforts and his new relationship with Robyn, his obsessions begin to worsen. His parents are divorced and he is worried about his mother who is a hoarder, and his little stepbrother who also has compulsive issues seems to need his attention more frequently. Adam knows he must do something before his whole life comes apart. I gained some knowledge of the difficulty of living with mental illness particularly with OCD. The road to recovery from OCD or any mental illness is not an easy one and there are no promises of a cure. And many times, as with Adam’s mother, those with a mental illness put on a façade in an attempt to keep the illness hidden. The book is enlightening, at times humorous, and even offers a little thread of mystery and it is a lot about struggling to accept oneself and to be accepted by others. I received an arc of this book for review from the publisher, and what I knew about it going in was pretty basic - boy falls for girl but has his own issues to deal with first. I didn't expect it to be a pretty raw and emotionally charged look at OCD. There's a support group full of teenagers who all have different coping mechanisms and cleansing rituals for a variety of problems, mostly revolving in some way around anxiety. The main character, Adam, is torn between his single mum (a hoarder with her own mental illness) and her father and step family - especially the overbearing but exceptinally vulnerable little step-brother who's struggling with similar issues to Adam.The love story is there, but it's not really about that. It's about finding friendship and letting other people in so you can face your own personal demons. Reading through Adam's escalating cleansing rituals was painstaking, and that's great. We get to FEEL his frustration and the ultimate futility of what he's doing. As someone who's suffered mildly with these kinds of compulsions myself I can honestly say that you KNOW touching that object a set number of times in just the right way isn't going to keep your family safe, but it doesn't matter because you FEEL you have to do it. Why would you risk it?! You can't help it, that's why it's called a compulsion. I've read reviews saying this book is boring, that Adam's rituals are boring, that no teenagers will relate... let me tell you that a. some teenagers will relate, all too wellb. if you can't relate then at least try to understand. This is still something relatively taboo, and it shouldn't be.Wouldn't be surprised to see a movie adaptation on the horizon. Only teensy criticism would be a couple of characters that didn't quite work for me, but otherwise I really, really enjoyed it.
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