Design For Hackers: Reverse Engineering Beauty (2011)
Design for Hackers: Reverse Engineering Beauty (2011)
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I didn't finish all the appendixes in this, but read most of it. There were several things that I already knew or had picked up along the way, but there were also few things that helped me understand how a designer approaches a problem. I read this with my eyes (actually via the O'Reilly Safari bookshelf that work gives us). I don't think it exists as an audiobook and anyway obviously has lots of graphics that are important to the book. A nice book covering the basic principles of design, with special focus on typography, composition and color theory. Overall, I'd say the book is a good introduction and a quite nicely designed one too, but with all the hype, I've expected more.I have three main reservation. First, I could use more practical examples and explanations of the design decision. Second, some examples of different approaches to design change more parameters in one step so it is difficult to compare the effects of individual changes. This is especially notable for the examples of building a hierarchy by changing font and composition. The third reservation is that many of the examples in the sections on typography are so small that the differences are difficult to spot.All in all, I do not regret buying and reading the book, but it's a pity to see minor flaws that could be fixed easily.
The books gives quite a good insight on how design is build up.
Design for students!Hackers use bootstrap from twitter
I have a new go to guide for tarting up websites.
Great info, especially for newer designers.
Solid book on basic design principles
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