Después Del Puente (2000)
Después del puente (2000)
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So this is a book, or a brief story, about what happens to Tessa and Jem after they met on their annual meeting at the bridge. It's only a couple pages long and you can read it on Cassandra Clare's Tumblr.And I'm not rating it.The reason why is because, euh, how do we say this, I don't know what to make of it! It's very cute that they met and they can be together. But, it is not for "children" , not like her other books of Shadowhunters. This is a lot more for Older Young Adults.The rest of this review is going to be filled with spoilers.So let's begin! First of all, Jem is very emotional and I have to say. He is kinda like "Let it go! Let it go! Can't hold it back anymore!" . He is in a crisis, for 200 years he had to oppress his feelings and envies, harsh for a seventeen teenage boy. So yeah.Then Tessa, who still loves him after the years, is attracted to him. I'm very suprised that she still wants to ... after the years. Oh well, love never fades.So they're both in the mood, and Tessa changes herself into a Victorian Time Dress, and tadaa Jem can't take it anymore. We see another side of Jem so you lovers of Jem's calmness, sorry to say but he gets "savage". Anyways, in this story, Cassandra gets into details, usually she just says that it's happening indirectly but this time, she said out loud that they were having sex and she was describing it. I never saw this side of Cassandra, this book is full of surprises. She says it naturally too. "Then, the evening, they had sex again. (or was made love?)" "Was it that good? -Yes it was, but you'll need practise - hugh -don't worry I'll help you" Dear People of Goodread, this book is short but filled with Older Young adult stuff.So I read the book 'til the end. I can't say I disliked it, but I didn't love it either. I was VERY surprised that she made a sequel of the triology into a sex story, but I wasn't totally disappointed that she made one. So, no rating! Because it also depends on your age I guess. Who know's? Maybe I'll love it when I'm in College! I feel as if my mind is flying in a vast of light, easy, clouds, after reading this.I miss James and Tessa's romanticism (is that even a word?). If you've read my review of this prequel series, you'd be irritated by me saying this again— IT PAINS ME!! IT PAINS ME. P-A-I-N-S M-E!!!! SPOILERThere was a part of this addition wherein she(Tessa) says that they'd(Tessa and Jem) live forever, but in Jem's life span. Which means he'd die eventually right? Right? ARGHHH!!! Like what just happened of Will.I'm pissed at the same time thankfull of Cassie Clare for making this addition. No hates. [ANY LAST WORDS MORGANA?] I'm torn.Till next time; TESSA HERONDALE CARSTAIRS.
Toothpaste. lolI miss Wessa tho.
Oh, my feels!
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