Destapándote: El Contrato (2014)
Destapándote: El Contrato (2014)
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Edwards Publishing
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My Audible Audiobook Review:OMG! I need the rest of this series like yesterday! I have never rated a 5-star for part of a series...but Man this was awesome for the way the book started...Very Very dark romance... just the way I like my darky romance... their seriously has to be some level of violence to be called dark... and boy this did not disappoint... I the thick of the story hasn't even been told...but from how this book started and the main (H) character's personality.... so far.. You know he is one crazy so and so....!I need more than 2hrs of this story.... Come on Audible... give me more!!!Narration was great... and for 4 bucks.... why not save a credit... Love love loved this book :) I only had one problem with this book.......... It ended to soon. I need more but I can't bring myself to go buy the next book just yet beacuse if I do, that's it. I'll have no more to buy because there not out yet and that just makes me want to cry!!!!! SCARLETT EDWARDS, can't we knock the zero off the amount of days your going to be releasing these books?? Haha make it every two days instead of twenty???Probably not but it was worth a try hahaSo I don't know how to explain this book with out giving to much away so the only thing I'm going to say is..... You need to read this book LIKE NOW!!
I feel like this was only a portion of a book, not an entire book. But it did grab my attention.
Okay, I'm hooked. Looking forward to to come with my tour post on 3/14.
I will give my review when the final novellas are out and the story concludes.
3 1/2 Stars! The mind games I find interesting and a little confusing.
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