Destiny Rising (2012)
Destiny Rising (2012)
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006201773X (ISBN13: 9780062017734)
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SO MUCH BETTER than the first 2 books of this Ark. I understand that the reason was because the ghost writer had to do a complete over haul on the series to get it on the track she wanted to take but I wish just a little that it didn't take as long as it did. There were some sad outcomes that I was hoping were going to be continued on but they weren't. And I am very happy where it is all leading now. There was a couple twists in the last 75 pages that I LOVED!!! Couldn't get over it and can't wait to see where all that will lead now! i didn't expect the hunters series to be great or anything - a lot of things were repeated from previous books and really, this is fan fiction. i mean, it's hard to believe a lot of the things that happen, even in the vampire diaries universe. regardless, i was pretty bummed out by the ending. it was bittersweet. after all, i've been with these characters (no matter how annoying or awful they might have been) for 10 books now. this whole ghost writing business is just not ideal, but sometimes, a girl feels like some easy entertainment.
this was good as usall, not looking forward to waiting for more though
I loved the plot, but I didn't like the writing.
Piece of crap book. It had to be said
love it
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