Dia Dos Namorados Sr. E Sra. Maddox (2000)
Dia dos namorados Sr. e Sra. Maddox (2000)
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This was a pretty short read, probably no more than ten minutes max for the time that it took me, so I figured I'd reflect about it since it was a story that I saw linked to on its book page - I didn't realize this was a short story on a blog post, not a major release - so basically I changed my mind about reading it and dived in. This was a read that left me neutral about it, and so I gave it a neutral rating. If I'm being technical, there are a few grammatical errors (you for "you're"), but nothing too major.A year after Travis and Abby are married, Abby's preparing for a night out with Travis once he comes home from work. Abby has a brief convo with America over the phone, catching up with life details. It's more of a slice-of-life story that's supposed to showcase Travis and Abby's married life. It technically takes place after the events of "A Beautiful Wedding" if you're keeping up with the story timeline, so Travis doesn't fight anymore - they're not rolling in the big money since the club shut down, so they're living the way of normal with student loans and such (*rolls eyes* Welcome to the real world). For the most part, the character construction is consistent. Motivation, even in this short piece, is still a problem. One thing that bothered me was the note that Travis demands respect from Abby "10x" more since they are married - I wasn't sure what to take with the inclusion of that statement. It also bothered me that Abby had to get off the phone so fast with America because Travis would be home any moment. But then I wondered - was that because she was eager to greet him, or is it that Travis possesses her just that much for control? Would he be mad at Abby for talking to America on the phone if he caught her? That really shouldn't have been an issue, and I'm not sure what to take from that detail. The ambiguity in the narrative gave me pause.The rest of the story shows them going to a party and reflecting on past scenes that were in the original novel, where they met, when they were separated, etc. It's supposed to be nostalgic, but it didn't really do much for me personally. Fans of the series might find more value in it than I did.Overall score: 1.5/5 stars I'll update this review when I read this story.. IF I EVER GET TO! The link every has posted fort history just doesn't seem to be working for me so I'm heart-broken. I'm searching google to try to find a way to read this little treat.Update: ok so after a long night at work and a bit of searching on google, I found a PDF form of this story because for some reason, the author's site just isn't responding.Needless to say, I loved this. I'm absolutely smitten with Travis. He just gets better every time I read more of him. Abby is a lucky lady. What a sweet treat.
Such a sweet short story! At the end, you can't help but wish there was more of it.
Please release this book in malaysiaa :)
Awwww. i missed these two.
Short & very sweet.
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