Diamond Secret (2009)
Diamond Secret (2009)
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Simon Pulse
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The characters were great and the story was believable. The romance was kind of cute as well. I didn't really like how it ended - but people acting irrationally always gets to me. It was interesting to learn all about the fate of wealthy Russians after the revolution.The plot was little dull because I know what happens. Also, probably, because I know that Anastasia has been scientifically proven dead.All in all, it was a pretty decent retelling. Really good book! It's pretty much the same as the Don Bluth movie, "Anastasia", but this story was more realistic. The story is pretty much the same, about a girl found by two men who wanted to fix her up and present her to her grandmother, Empress Marie, in order to get the reward for finding the lost princess, and in the end, turned out she was Anastasia. But the story written by Suzanne Weyn was way more realistic and I liked her version a lot. Really short read, barely took me 3 days in total, could've taken far less if I didn't had such a hectic college schedule. But overall, a wonderful read!
Basically the animated movie with some name changes. But I like the movie so that's fine!
It was a fantastic book! I love the story of Anastasia and I flew through this book!!
I really love this series of books!
I just love fairy tale retellings.
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