Die Finstere Macht Der Tairen Soul (2010)
Die finstere Macht der Tairen Soul (2010)
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3404187520 (ISBN13: 9783404187522)
Bastei Lübbe
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The Perfect combination of fantasy and romance, the world building is so good! Not just the vivid descriptions of beautiful cities and nature, Fay land and underworld and politics, but Wilson has also invented new languages, religions, different kinds of magic (there's a sixth element)and off course Tairen's instead of dragons. My next cats name will be Tairen by the way.She takes it even beyond that, giving us a 1000 years of history, fairytales within the fairytale if you will! Songs, beautiful poetry and so on. You would think you would loose track off all the wonderful different characters who have invented names, but you never do. Quite an accomplishment this series, the third book being the best so far, I am taking a brake before reading the other 2 books, it would be a shame if I read them all in a couple off days like I did the fever series. This 3rd book seemed like a stretched out repeat of the first 2 books. The last 50 or so pages were interesting but for the majority of the book, I kept thinking "yeah, we've already said/read/knew that". Judging from book 3, I'd say this 5 book series could have easily been 4 books instead. I don't recommend skipping book 3...there are things learned and relationships changed in the book, but just don't expect it to be as captivating as the first of the series. I'm told that interest returns in book 4. I hope so.
The story is really picking up the pace!
I love this series beyond words!
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** 3.5 - 4 stars **
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