Die Versuchung Der Zeit (2013)
Die Versuchung der Zeit (2013)
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Thank you to PageTurnersBlog.com for the Trilogy! I'm so grateful!I really love this trilogy and I love all the characters and the storyline. It's truly amazing how attached I've become to the characters. I'm emotionally connected and affected by what's happening in the books! Absolutely beautiful writing and very creative! Fantastic! I love the cover! It's truly soft and the dress changes tone when you tilt it in the light! Really amazing book!Part II of the Trilogy and it just keeps getting more exciting!! I love the characters and part two is narrated from a different character then the first book. I really enjoyed the story and the characters from Kaleb's perspective. He's able to tell the reader everything the characters are feeling. In this book there is adventure, love, fear and a lot of parts are very emotional!Truly brilliant book! This trilogy is so so amazing! I look forward to reading the last book. In my review of Hourglass, I said I wanted to know more about the characters Kaleb and Lily. Wish granted! In this stunning second installment, Kaleb Ballard and Lily Garcia take center stage in the race to bring the vile Jack Landers to a halt. But there is more at stake than any of them could have realized… which means this adventure is about to get crazy.While Kaleb did not have the same immediate draw and likability as narrator that Emerson did in the first book, he grew on me, and by the end I loved his narration just as much. Everyone should take character growth lessons from Myra McEntire: Kaleb’s developmental journey across the span of the novel was flawless. And getting to spend most of the novel with Lily’s sass, snark, and general badassery is an added bonus! I did miss Emerson, but we still got some of her, just not as much in a major role.Jack continues to be a deliciously horrifying villain (although I almost wish he were a bit more sympathetic; it would make him that much scarier), and now that Teague and Chronos are in the mix, there is a whole lot of bad guy action going on. So that’s another plus.And the whole time-travel sci-fi element is still making my awesome-senses tingle. I’m loving the way the rips are appearing and changing as the space-time continuum unravels - can’t *wait* to see where all that goes in book 3!Overall: An excellent continuation of a fantastic story. Love this series!!
Took some getting used to reading this book from someone else's point of view.
es war einfach wieder richtig verstrickt und und toll *___*
4.5 / 5 stars
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