Die Weihnachtskatze: Ein Fall Für Mrs. Murphy (2008)
Die Weihnachtskatze: Ein Fall für Mrs. Murphy (2008)
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3550087608 (ISBN13: 9783550087608)
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This series of books are not profound. On the plus side, you can read any one of them in just a couple of hours. Rita Mae Brown writes the Mrs. Murphy series (this is book 17) with the help of her cat Sneaky Pie. Okay, right there you know that this is not going to garner the National Book Award. I mean, you have animals that talk to each other, but, thank heavens, the humans in the tale only hear animal noises. I mean, if the humans and the animals talked to each other to move the plot along, I would have to draw the line. I think what keeps me coming back to this series is that I live in Virginia and the series is set in Crozet, Virginia. These are nice little mysteries (I have to admit that I didn't see the ending coming in this one) and there are a lot of moments when I'm reading and thinking, "Yes, I've been there, that is lovely." Or "she's absolutely right--the traffic is horrific around the Barracks Road Shopping Center in Charlottesville." I'm not sure that I would be as quick to read the books in the Mrs. Murphy series (by the way, she is a very intelligent cat who always plays a huge part in the plot, along with Pewter, another cat, and Tee Tucker, a Corgi) if I didn't have the geographical interest. But since I live in the Commonwealth, I say long live the series. Usually Christmas is a happy celebration in Crozet, Virginia but this year is the exception to the rule. While searching for a Christmas tree at the Brothers of Love Christmas tree farm, Harry, her husband and their three animal friends come upon a murdered monk. Brother Christopher, a former insider trader, had a slit throat. During the investigation of the scene by the county coroner, a Greek coin (an obol) was found under his tongue. Harry made a search over the internet and found out that in Greek mythology the obol ensures safe passage to the underworld. This seems an unusual element in the death of a monk. Deputy Cynthia Cooper and sheriff Rick Shaw soon their holiday further complicated when another monk, Brother Speed (a former jockey) is also found murdered by someone using the same MO. The question is who is targeting the monks and for what reason? In spite of Harry's promise not to interfere with the investigation, she is dragged into it when her animals alert her to a stash of money hidden on her land. This latest discovery almost does Harry in as the culprit hits her over the head and leaves her unconscious during a snowstorm. Thankfully her animals lead Deputy Cooper and her husband, Fair, to her rescue. In the end, discovering whodunit leads the Haristeens and the authorities to a double-edged discovery.
Yes, that's right. I read a Christmas-themed cat mystery. What do you want to say about that?
I like the silliness of having the animals help solve the murders.
An excellent read as usual. Love the pets!!
another good sneaky pie brown book
LP Bro
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