Die Wette42.000 Km, 2 Männer, 1 Globus, Kein Flugzeug (2010)
Die Wette42.000 Km, 2 Männer, 1 Globus, Kein Flugzeug (2010)
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The apparently true story of two guys, Steve and Vali, who pledge to race around the world without using airplanes. Except one of them does.It alternates between them, and maybe it's because I read Steve's other book (How I Became a Famous Novelist) and loved it so much, or maybe it's because he shares my love of ridiculous museums, but I found Vali both not as good a writer and kind of obnoxious. There're a lot of places I want to visit now, though. Apparently Cambodia is not a death-trap, AND houses Angkor Wat, which I did not know. Sweden seems to be the greatest country ever, and I'm still just as terrified of visiting Palestine as I ever was. Parts of this were laugh-out-loud funny. Other parts had interesting perspectives on Americans and American culture (like the 99-cent chips bags in the US being crazy big compared to how people eat in other countries--which, I would argue, is also why Americans are so fat).This was a quick read, pretty funny, and pretty interesting. It also did a really good job showing how _racing_ is not the way to travel (airplanes or no), and more than going on an organized tour/cruise and doing every single organized thing is, either. However, this just wasn't great.
So funny! I loved it. Laughed out loud, learned some crap. Lots of fun. Will no doubt read it again.
Funny stuff, though it was less a race then an exploration of our world.
Absolutely hilarious. Like, drop-the-book-laughing funny.
Funniest book ever
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