Dirty Chick: Adventures Of An Unlikely Farmer (2000)
Dirty Chick: Adventures of an Unlikely Farmer (2000)
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This book was so honest. Typically, many urban turned rural homesteaders write books that wax poetic about the charms of country living. I recommend that any potential homesteader read this book and think VERY HARD about what it really takes. Antonia tells us what to expect and what exactly it takes to raise livestock and transform your life to country living. Not at all what I expected but I soooo appreciated Her candor and good humor. A fun read!! Listening to or reading autobiographies is something I haven't done since I was a teenager, but when I had an opportunity to review Dirty Chick I had to grab it with both hands. You see, Antonia's adventures as a newly minted farmer is something I could relate to and was intensely curious to compare with my own experience.Personal reasons aside, this book is funny, at times hysterically comical, smart, self-deprecating and bittersweet. Antonia narrates it herself and does a fantastic job depicting various accents and characters of her friends and family. It's also a very quick listen (I recall sawing wood while I was at it).Antonia and Peter move to New Zealand from San Fransisco in search of more affordable life, and when their son is born with a rare genetic disorder, they decide to stay for the health system and a way of life which would afford him an existence as close to normal as possible.Renting a farm house in rural New Zealand for a year, Antonia decides to have a go at being a farmer imagining this picturesque, wonderfully calm living where she potters round and create these wonderful artisanal produce for sale. The reality is far from what she imagined. Soon she is overrun by a herd of animals who are more pets than valuable produce, the fence is collapsing, the goats ruin any cars parked nearby, there is sh*t everywhere, her kimchi is a disaster, her cheese is mouldy and her evenings are spent in a blissful haze due to the copious amounts of homemade wine.However, the sense of community is wonderful, her friends are always ready to lend a hand or a roast chicken, and when disasters strike (and they do!) all people around her unite to help. I mentioned that this book is bittersweet, and I admit, because it's mostly humorous, when something bad happens it cuts you worse than usual. I had tears in my eyes a few times, but I finished this book with sense of wonder and I felt inspired. Very much recommended.
Funny and sensitive and sweet. Roosters ARE irredeemable assholes.
*Very* funny and light--exactly what I needed.
This is "pee your pants" funny! LOVED it!
Funny and quirky
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