Dirty Pretty Things (2014)
Dirty Pretty Things (2014)
4.45 of 5 Votes: 5
047329950X (ISBN13: 9780473299507)
Michael Faudet
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I wasn't expecting a highly sexually-charged book but that was not the reason for the low rating (I like me a good piece of literatura erotica). Innuendos lying everywhere, one doesn't even need to think that hard...perhaps it was purposed that way but personally I would have preferred something more subtle yet still packing the same punch. I felt like I've came across some of the lines I read, so I wasn't too impressed. Perhaps the metaphors felt too similar and over-used of his style, to be frank, just wasn't that unique or spectacular. Giving it 2 stars anyway because I was very very pleased by the quality of the paper and the print...the weight of the book feels just right in the hands and the mere act of flipping the pages gave me joy. Cheap thrills? Maybe. Content-wise, this just did not cut it for me but then again, when it comes to poetry, it's rare that I feel truly floored. This book is so poorly written. I understand these are supposed to be erotic poems but the words "panties", "fuck", and "skirt" can only get you so far. Some poems are just plain ridiculous and sound like they were written by a teenage boy. I maybe found 1 or 2 poems in the whole book that were worth taking a second look at."Naked guilt,a punishment dealt;over a wooden table where a jam donutis noticeably absent."Um.. what???
This book exceeded my expectations by a mile; Playful words wrapped in love and compiled in pages.
A fun read! I prefer Lang's poetry, but a few of Faudet's will be new favourites.
"Your smile is a beautifully written lineI hope to write someday."
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