Dirty Sexy Politics (2010)
Dirty Sexy Politics (2010)
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I may have given this 4 stars had I read this book in print, but alas, I listened to the audiobook. McCain is already an awful reader; there have been at least a half dozen audiobooks I have completely abandoned lately because I couldn’t stand the narrators—and I listened to this all the way through. However, it almost seems like she was in a race to finish the audiobook or had limited studio time or something. Only once or twice does her voice convey actual emotion, and after reading some of her other material, this really surprised me – in fact, she frequently talks about how emotional she is! Something else that was a little distracting was that I could swear I could hear her turning papers every so often, at least a dozen times. The whole performance and production seemed a little rushed.That said, I enjoyed the content of this book. McCain acknowledges that she was a little immature and naïve at different points in the election, and despite her unemotive reading, and my basically liberal political views, I could sympathize with her. I think that her limited criticisms of those involved in the 2008 election (especially Palin and Obama) are pretty fair, especially considering they are from the viewpoint of the republican presidential candidate’s daughter. She is, in fact, far more critical of the Republican Party and how out of touch they are with Americans – despite still considering herself a republican. I also knew very little about her family’s problems with George W. Bush, so I found the tale of the 2000 presidential primaries to be very interesting. Generally an interesting listen, though I suspect that the book may have been better—and may have had some pictures! Who doesn’t love pictures?! I was disappointed about the lack of discussion on the actual issues of the campaign. Meghan constantly relied on "love of freedom" and "love of America" as the key reason why her father was qualified as president and why his supporters were so inspiring. She never actually analyzed why Obama won, other than his "superstar" status. She also failed to mention any of her father's gaffes, like the "fundamentals of our economy" comment, but harped quite a bit on Sarah Palin's. It also wasn't until the last few pages of the book that she finally described her political philosophy. Based on what she wrote, I doubt Meghan would consider herself a Republican if her father wasn't a famous Republican.
Good insight into the role of a family member in a presidential campaign.
Meghan has a lovely sense of humour when it comes to politics
Fun, funny, really like and admire this girl.
I was pleasantly surprised with this book.
Vacuous, drivel from a mindless airhead
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