Disney Kingdoms: Seekers Of The Weird (2014)
Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird (2014)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 4
0785154523 (ISBN13: 9780785154525)
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Not bad. I really like the premise, and I could see this as an ongoing series. I could definitely see it as a tv series, the a rather dashing uncle character to make all the ladies swoon. Not great. Probably written for older Disney fans, who long for the nostalgic Walt Disney world versus the youth of today (who don't even remember Captain EO, tsk). A little choppy in the explanatory areas, but lively and exciting all the way through. It's too bad that this volume finds itself stuck in the Kingdom of 3 stars. It really had so many great elements that were leading up to good things: the characters, spooky storyline and setting were all working together and rolling along. But then the writing happened. I would just be getting into the story and living along with these characters in this ridiculously cool mansion-museum, and then the story would come to a grinding halt because a character had an odd moment of speech that didn't seem to fit in anywhere or there would be a solid course of action would suddenly end mid-panel. I had to read the last 2 issues twice - not because I wanted more, but because I felt like I was given a handful of puzzle pieces and asked to finish up a puzzle that I had never started. It just felt unnatural and this was something that I couldn't forgive, save for the really cool setting. Even the ending felt hurried, like I had been on a neat adventure and then the writer suddenly slammed my comic shut and said "ok, you've had enough. They all live happily ever after and blah blah blah, you get it. The end." It could've used a couple more pages and a more gentle ending. These kids had been through a lot and I had spent a couple of months running along with them. I guess that in the end, I wanted to be dazzled, and feel like I walked out of one of Disney Park's great attractions and instead it felt like waiting in a really long line for a ride that was just way too short.
This was a big helping of meh. Shallow plot and one dimensional characters.
I like the concept, but the story could use some fleshing out.
Art was good. Story was ok.
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