Distant Waves A Novel Of The Titanic (2009)
Distant Waves a Novel of the Titanic (2009)
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So this book was interesting...I was drawn to this book for two reasons, the word Titanic and the cover art (its amazing looking) I figured this would be another book like all other books bout the Ship of Dreams and have a sappy love story in the folds of it. This book had MANY flaws that should have been fixed and the Author did not do such a good job, her research on some of these real characters is flawless! every book (fictional) I have read about this ship has had all fictional characters, but Weyn adds real characters into the fold which made it more interesting to see what they "could" have done during the events leading up to this ship sinking.so first the description which tells us about five sisters, but this this story is supposed to be focused on the main two oldest, Mimi, and Jane. but its not. all the other sisters are in the story and play major roles, they are all on the Titanic and only one of them dies. (cannot say more). So the description is a failure all in itself.Then we have this paranormal act going on for about 30 chapters.... yes it was a nice twist because it was different from the same old boring love story but I don't think it was needed really for this story. I am surprised that someone predicted the sinking of Titanic and wrote a book about it, yet no one seemed to have taken this as a warning sign to prevent this from happening. I don't think Tesla's time machine which was added in the last two chapters was a given needed thing, yes it shorten the author from telling about the sinking but it added no interest to me. The last minute love story between Thad and Jane I don't see was needed either, why does Thad get to live and not Mimi's new husband? Why does any of them get to live and not the 1500 that died??? So above all I give this tale a 3.0 star rating and I will say I recommend it if anyone wants to read a fictional change to the actual Titanic and see what this is about other than another Jake and Rose love story gone wrong in the end. It's pretty good but not OMG amazing good to me.Weyn does keep you interested though with all the non fictional characters and fictional characters, and her authors note in the back is out standing, this lady really did her research before just typing out this story. Have you ever felt like you are out of place or don't belong somewhere? In the book Distant waves by Suzanne Weyn it talks about four sisters that have gotten on the Titanic to have the adventure of their lives. Suzanne's book The Distant Waves has left me surprised not only because of the story but because it doesn't really include the Titanic. The theme of the story is loyalty. As the book goes you start to realize that in order for everything to be okay you have to trust each other and believe in what your sisters have to say. On the Titanic the twin sisters have seen a vision of the boat sinking. They have told their loved ones but none of them have believed them. This author has a very unique style. I like how the author wasn't just in one place and how she moved around to different places in the world. These characters seem to be different than normal people. The author says that two off the characters to be a little more specific the twins have the ability to talk to the dead. Every time the author went to a different place I felt like I was right there with them. It takes place in 1898 and finishes in 1914. This took place before I was even born. It is very different from the world I know now. Back then everything was separated. Like there was a town for people that could talk to the dead and predict the future called Spirit Vale. Also they invented things like machines that could make their be an earthquake but the most surprising one was the time machine. It all starts when father of the four sisters passes away and the mother is know for the ability to talk to the dead. Then its suggested for them to move to Spirit vale. Two sisters go to the park to meditate when they decide to get on a train to New York, while in New York the earth starts to shake and a man named Nikola saves them. All these things happen and two of the sisters go on the Titanic. The twins trying to save them because they saw something bad happening on the ship they all end stuck on the Titanic. Who will survive? I would recommend this book for people that like spiritual things and believe in people that can talk to the dead. I liked this book but it wasn't one of my favorites. I would of liked the ending to be a little more different but after all it was a good book and I enjoyed reading it.
Eh. The first 200 pages seemed to never end.
On of the best Titanic books
It was a really great book!
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