Divinely Designed (2000)
Divinely Designed (2000)
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This was a cute LDS fiction romance story. I would like to read some other works from this author. This is the Amazon Editorial Review synopsis: It all begins with calamity, faith, and a flat tire. Seeking liberation from recent heartache, Kennedy Jackson leaves her hometown and moves to Arizona to work as an interior designer. She thinks she is ready for a new start, but her heart still needs some convincing. When she bumps into a handsome stranger on the highway, she starts the ride of her life on a road of divine design that will lead to her dreams if she only has the faith to follow it. This delightful tale by Rachael Anderson combines wit and romance with the reality that change is difficult, but it can bring about some of life s greatest adventures. Divinely Designed is a sure antidote for gloom and a light-hearted reminder that even the darkest forks in the road can lead somewhere brilliant. Absolutely enjoyable read! This is LDS romance at its best, in my humble opinion. I started reading this in the morning and did not want to put it down. So, I had it read by the time I went to bed late that night. It is 182 pages of wit and romance coupled with some subtle insights into what it means to have faith in personal revelation.The story: Kennedy Jackson has all of her worldly possessions packed into her Toyota Corolla and is stranded on a lonely 2 lane highway somewhere between Albuquerque, New Mexico and Tempe, Arizona on her way to her new job and new life as a recent BYU graduate in interior design. She is perfectly capable of changing her own deflated tire but in order to access the spare, she has to very nearly unpack her entire car to get to it. So, she unpacks her trunk and gets the tire and the jack out and begins to try and get the deflated tire off the car. As she is wrestling with the lug nuts, she hears a truck pull up behind her and a door open and shut. "Her independent nature wanted the owner of the truck to realize no help was necessary". She hears a "deep male voice" ask, "Setting up camp?" [Enter, one Braxton Taylor:] "Looks that way, doesn't it?" she reply(s) dryly. He asks her if she needs help and she tells him thanks but no thanks. He then asks her if she knows how to change tires. This really annoys her and she responds "sweetly" by saying, " Actually, no. I have no idea how to change a tire. Is that what I'm doing? I could have sworn I was flushing out the radiator fluid."Braxton ends up changing the tire and repacking her car in a much better configuration than she had originally packed it and then they both part company and continue on their way. However, Braxton can't get her out of his mind and all he knows about her is her name is Kennedy and she is an interior designer. So, being a resident of Tempe himself and a very successful builder he uses his connections in the business to see if he can find her. How these two get together and how they overcome some of the stumbling blocks that stand in the way of their union makes for a very delightful reading experience. Kennedy is a charming creation. Braxton also is a pleasant encounter in the realm of fiction.
I really like this author! Fun, clean romance books.
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