Doe Het Groen (2000)
Doe het groen (2000)
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9020205196 (ISBN13: 9789020205190)
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I was a bit disappointed in this book. I was hopeful that a book about urban homesteading would have more information about what to do if you rent and/or have limited space to work with. Instead it's really a lot of things that require home ownership and a good-sized yard, which makes it really no different than most other homesteading books. The most specifically "urban" advice was regarding guerrilla gardening, but even that is impractical for a truly sustainable lifestyle. There are so many of these books, but for my money the earmark of a keeper are ones that can outline canning in simple, no-fuss language (It's really not that hard). "Urban Homestead" does that and fully explains everything from aerating compost properly to transportation alternatives in and out of the garden in easy-to-understand instructions. It helps that the authors also don't feign that chirpy Martha Stewart tone and give the cons of every activity, as well. Combine with the Foxfire series and you're set to build a coalition of some sort.
lots of useful info for the wannabe homesteader or for long-term survival of zombie apocalypse!
Terrific ways to increase your greens while still being inside a city.
I applied many of the techniques to my own life.
total inspiration.
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