Dog In Charge (2012)
Dog in Charge (2012)
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0803734791 (ISBN13: 9780803734791)
The Penguin Group
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When the family leaves for a trip to the store, the lovable bulldog is put in charge of the five cats. Dog takes his job seriously but realizes that the cats are not where he thought they should be (neatly lined up on the sofa awaiting his instructions.) The cats are on the loose, wreaking havoc and making a mess! What's a dog to do? The family will never put him in charge again. He breaks into the cat treats for consolation and falls asleep. While he is asleep, his five feline friends get busy and when the family returns, they find everything just the way they left it. This is a laugh-out-loud story that will amuse the whole family. This book read like a comic book. It was laid out in the same manner with boxes of pictures and words. I thought it was great how the author used a lot of onomatopoeias in the story. this could be a great way to introduce this concept to students. The illustrations showed great emotions with the usage of lines and the space used for each picture allowed for the story to be told without the need of words. The words just added to the fun feeling of the storyline. It also contained number counting in the story. The dog was constantly counting how many cats to see if any were missing. I would use this in my classroom.
In a world of Cats vs. Dogs...Cats win every their own way. =^..^=
Dog's sublime challenge time involves keeping the cats in line.-- Monty K.
I've had a couple of "Dog" days. Incredible illustrations by Dan Santat.
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