Dog Loves Drawing (2012)
Dog Loves Drawing (2012)
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0375870679 (ISBN13: 9780375870675)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
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This is a lovely, witty story about Dog, who receives a sketch book from his Aunt Dora and begins to draw some wonderful images. He draws a door and enters onto the pages, drawing different characters to join in with his adventures. Dog and his new friends draw a train, a boat, lunch and decide to rest on the beach. They are having lovely adventures until Duck decided to draw a monster which chased Dog back out of the page and into his bookshop. The book is extremely funny and I think it appeals to both children and adults alike. I love that it sends out a message that you can create your own stories with a pencil and enter your own imagination and let it get carried away into your own world. The illustrations are fantastic, and the pages in the book itself look as if they have been doodled on all over. It is extremely colourful making it eye-catching and fun. I like how the text is spread out across the pages and not in a particular order, making it fun to find and read. The use of punctuation such as ellipses also help to engage the reader even more as it entices you to turn over the next page. Using this in the classroom with a KS1 class the children could be put in Dog’s shoes and be asked to draw their own adventure if they could climb into a book. They could also write their own story of what they would draw if they were Dog. The book could also be used in a guided reading activity such as picking out adverbs, adjectives etc. It is also a lovely book to be read to the whole class and could lead into a PSHE lesson about creative thinking and making the most of your imagination. Oh ... Dog is back. And he gets to go on a fun adventure! This could be a fun introduction to "writing" for little ones who don't quite have the letter formation/spelling/handwriting skills to express the stories their heads can create. They may not be able to write the word "train" but they can try drawing one. Practice expressing their stories whatever way they can express them will give them the confidence and skills to transfer over to writing when the time comes.The book could also be used in a lesson with the kids who can already write. When Dog isn't quite sure what to draw in his new sketchbook? He gets some great advice.Must go pre-order this one right now. :]
Very fun! Kind of along the lines of "Harold and the Purple Crayon." Sweet story!
A blank book + drawing materials + an active imagination = a great adventure!
Harold and the Purple Crayon for the full-color generation! I loved it.
great illustrations!
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