Doing Hard Time (2013)
Doing Hard Time (2013)
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0399164146 (ISBN13: 9780399164149)
Putnam Adult
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If, like me, you've been hoping for the past few books that this series would turn around and go back in its original direction, this book won't disappoint. Like many of the earlier books, this one contains suspense, twists and all the other things associated with the Stone Barrington character. Not only was this a great read, but I'm feeling a lot more confident that the series is back on track. This was my first experience with Stuart Woods, and I found it enjoyable. The story continues to move and doesn't take any horrible flights of fancy. The author did seem to depend on his knowledge of flying to flesh out some facets of the story - that was kind of a nice touch. The Russian mobsters are a touch larger than life, but that's OK. One fan's review indicates that Woods seems to have "descended" a bit to write these short novels. It makes me think I need to seek out some of his earlier work. Worth an afternoon or so as welcome diversion.
I enjoyed the book; but I especially enjoyed learning nore about Teddy Fay
This one had a better plot and more enjoyable to read.
Good story - a light read
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