Dolmarehn (2000)
Dolmarehn (2000)
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So much better than the first instalment! It was funny, entertaining and sometimes dramatic and deep. Definitely interesting! I'm anxious to read the final one. I'm specially curious about Meghan's father and Cade's past. Seems like something urgent always happens every time they try to talk about things. I was actually surprised learning about Cade's parentage. I thought he was related to the Wild Hunt due to his white dog with rusted ears. I miss that part of the lore..I always love The Hunt! It's my favourite part about Faerie. Meghan has broken her geis, now she is unprotected. She broke it when she went to Elie because she wanted to save Cade, in the end he was the one who saved her. It has been months since she seen Cade. She has fully recovered from her injuries but not the emotionally scars. She is scared to go out in fear of the creatures that loomed in the dark.Ms. Johnson has done it again, writing an amazing sequel in The Otherworld Trilogy. I could not put this one down. I had to continue to the end, and I was not disappointed. In this sequel we get to find out who were Meghan's biological parents, as well as Cade's history. Meghan gets to explore Elie, see and experience new things. The relationship between Cade and Meghan does get intense. At times, I screamed at my kindle "tell him, just open your mouth and speak" or "he is in love can't you see" or "aww that is so cute". Dolmarehn was fabulous from the beginning to the end. Quickly paced, well written, action filled, and a touch of romance, and magic. Definitely, eager to read the last installment.I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
I'm glad that Cade & Meg became closer in this one, can't wait for the next one!!
Just as good as the first one in this series, but even more exciting twists.
2nd book. Liked it as much as the first and couldnt wait to read the third.
Simple, fast paced, mindless read, same as the first one.
Great book!!!! It kept me on my toes!
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