Don't Forget To Remember Me (2012)
Don't Forget to Remember Me (2012)
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Telemachus Press
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OMG this book... this story.... omg!! Ryan omg.. Ryan... your pain... your soul... it was too much... it was soooo unfair.... but one thing never ever waivered... his love... his undying, no matter what love for Julia!This book hit all the emotions it could probably hit... i mean just the frustration and heartache levels were amazing... and seeing the true story of TRUE LOVE unfold... there. are. no. yourself an incredible favor... stop... whatever you are doing and read these books!!! Picking up right where book 1 left off, Ryan is faced with the excruciating news of Julia's wreck. Not yet knowing if she will be okay or if she will be permanently damaged. This book for me had a little bit more of a story line outside of just their love, but love still plays a HUGE part! Ryan is the kind of character that will not get out of your head easily! A must read, but a must read in order. You have to read book 1 first or you are missing SO much of what makes Ryan and Julia what they are!
Love this series and the love story of Ryan and Julia!!! Best book this far of the series!
Ahhh..Gah-this lead to a very sleepy woman..i could not put it down!!
A beautiful love story! Can't wait to start the 3 rd book
I always love a good love story.
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