Double The Heat (2009)
Double the Heat (2009)
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0425230112 (ISBN13: 9780425230114)
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I only read two of the 4 short stories in this book. I got it for the Dierdre Martin story. Ironically, I was trying to finish up her Wild Harts series by reading the first story (Wild at Hart), but it turned out...not to be in this book (the perils of browsing the library electronically). So instead I read another story from her Blades series, which was fine with me since I am a total hockey head who's studied Russian - I love the stories that include both hockey and Russian. And fashion! This story was sort of like Project Runway meets Hockey Night in...Russia. Though this story was...not all that seriously compelling. It featured the regular cast of characters, but I had a hard time figuring out where in the timeline it fell. The new characters were likable enough, but I can't imagine I will pine to read it again.THEN, because apparently everyone reads this anthology for the Lori Foster story, I thought I would give it a try. Everyone "loves" the Winston men. Really?? I thought the whole story was a complete STINKER and Hart (who the hell names their son Hart...which incidently is why when I searched the book, it came back, what are the chances a book would have a Dierdre Martin story in it, along with a story that has Hart in the title, without it being Wild at Hart?? Not very good, but apparently possible) back to Hart who is a complete jacka**, I didn't find ANYTHING charming or cute or redeeming about him. Definitely not my type, smug b*stard. Or maybe I'm just inexplicably bent about the fact I don't think fighting should be a sport. Whatever. It's all about context.Honestly, if this is what everyone loves about Lori Foster, you can all keep her. Lori's Book- liked Hart and Lisa. Liked that she didn't immediately fall at his feet and made him work for it a bit. Deidre's Book- enjoyed Sebastian and Lennie. The "conflict" felt forced as if the author needed something to cause dissent between the couple. Lennie's reaction seemed too extreme, and their time apart was too long in my opinion. Up till the conflict the story was good.Elizabeth's story- Good story, and liked that Max and Amanda had such animosity towards one another. Didn't like that the story wrapped up so quickly. I prefer a little more conclusion.Christie's Book- Really good. Liked Zin and John Henry.
It rook me forever to finish reasing this and it was barely 2 stars for me. Pretty unmemorable.
I read this anthology for the Lori Foster story, which is the only one I ranked.
4 short stories...quick but really wished for dirtier.
loved it!
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