Dreamfire (2000)
Dreamfire (2000)
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The whole concept of Dreamwalkers very interesting but I do have to the in-depth sometimes tedious explanations of dream walking and dream theories the book dragged for a while, even though all the action scenes in the nightmare. But lucky I stuck to it because it picked up about half way through the book and I could not put it down from there on wards. As for the main character Joshlyn goes she was very gifted at what she did, her skills in resolving nightmares is unheard of in the dream walking community. Joshlyn is living with a lot of guilt over the death of her boyfriend in which she blames herself for his death, but of course she does not know how to handle her new found feelings for her apprentice Will. Their romance was slow building which is realistic and unfortunately I did not find any of the moments shared between them all that swoon worthy and maybe that had something to do with the fact that Will was just Will, there was nothing that made him stand out for me, any who back to character Joshlyn I did find that there was a few times where she acted before she thought her actions through which led to some pretty severe consequences to the people she loved and cared for so I did not really like that about her but she was loyal and it was easy to feel her pain which made me sympathise for her.There were a couple of secondary characters that stood out to me, one was Windsor Josh’s BFF. I honestly did not really like her she did something that no real best friend would do and I do not know how Josh can tolerate her. And another character who I thought was just plain bloody creepy until we learned the truth about him was Haley. He was the twin brother of Josh’s ex and once we learn about his gift I found him to be one of the more interesting characters in the novel. Joshlyn Weaver is the well-known daughter of the dream walkers, they're a secret society whose members enter the Dream universe, and they fight against the nightmares humans face every night.. or day. The catch is, the dream walkers can die in the dream or never come back .. Joshylyn and her crew are still humans, none of them have extraordinary abilities - they use portals, however, there is a true Dream Walker among them who can actually alter dreams. Josh receives an apprentice name Will, who's a BOY, and she begins to teach and guide him as her sacred scroll states. The romance is pretty much mentioned, you know? Now the real fun and danger begins ..First Thoughts: Let's check out that beautiful cover though, I absolutely love it and the title.. It is a pretty common cover nowadays though, the pair reaching for each other on opposite ends. I actually wanted to read this novel more because of the premise - I haven't heard much of dream walkers besides the Dream Catcher (Wake) Series, which is pretty amazing. I really wanted to like this book.. It is a good debut overall, the beginning was great, I couldn't wait to find out what happens next, however, 30% into the book started lagging afterwards. Some parts were way too long and unnecessary. I couldn't keep up with all the minor details.Characterization & Romance: I had a love and hate relationship with Joshlyn(Josh), she's a good character, however, she's quite over dramatic and impulsive. She is intelligent, and brave though - I just don't like some of the decisions she makes. I did like her determination, and I admired that she did apologize whenever she was wrong. The love interest Will was debatable, it took me time to open up to him because I found him nosy and weird - If I can't like the male lead, the romance doesn't work for me then. I wasn't a huge fan of the romance, The novel does misses out on the romance between Josh and Will, it's barely there most of the time between them. However, the bigger focus of the novel is Josh and Ian. Ian's her ex-boyfriend who's dead.. Sounds scary now. I did appreciate the character development between everyone. I disliked Windsor, Josh's best friend - she makes decisions that I would never support, I'm not sure how Josh could stand her, I did like that they grew out of the conflict by the end of the novel.Plot: My favorite part of the novel is the concept and the world-building plot - the action was amazing, I could literally imagine what Josh and Will were going through. The concept of Dreamfire is unique, and it was a nice attempt to explore better on that topic. I could understand what dream walkers do, how the dreams works - the plot is written well. I liked the twists and turns the novel had to offer. I'm not sure if I quite understood the ending, since it does have a cliffhanger that makes you think - hopefully, I can understand it better when the next installment comes out in the series. I do believe most people can like Dreamfire since it does have great reviews on goodreads, but it did fall a little short for me - overall, the plot and writing is fantastic.Recommended for fans of Dream Catcher and SleeplessSource: Review Copy was sent free of charge courtesy of St. Martin's Griffin.
meh, didnt hold my attention
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