Dreams Of Gods & Monsters (2014)
Dreams of Gods & Monsters (2014)
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0316134074 (ISBN13: 9780316134071)
Little, Brown & Company
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Fan.tas.tic! I had read some reviews that lead me to believe things would be lukewarm on this one...and I was concerned, because a trilogy really needs the last installment to deliver. And I wasn't disappointed. Just like the first and second books had a unique feel each, the author manage to give the third installment it's own feel, with the same lyric beauty as before and tying up all kinds of threads so that everything was accounted for. Yes, there are new characters in this one but they really tie in with things we've been reading all along, so it was really satisfying to have answer to so many things. And the ending...I can't say much or I'd give things away...put it was poetic in its beauty. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up to the whole series! Disappointing finish to one of my favorite YA Fantasy series. Around the middle point of the book, it began to feel like a chore to read, and I just shook my head thinking, what the hell happened? I remembered how giddy I felt at the end of the second book, about Jael's army breaching Earth. But around the middle point is when the action seemed to wind down to almost nothing, and I instead got blasted with seemingly endless scenes composed of repetitive, angsty, dramatic, and flowery writing about how beautiful the every character was, godstars, and how sad the love between Akiva and Karou was in the various multiple POVs the book offered. I remembered the writing style going well with the plot and the environment in the first two books, but in this one, it was just grating. I don't know if she just amped it up or it was because there was less action in the books to stop it from it just waxing on, but it was not working in this one.The climax felt anti-climatic, over quickly compared to how long it took get there, and the ending was forestalled by a storyline that was uninteresting and unnecessarily confusing...and hell, really, unnecessarily there. Where was the editor for this book?
I have no words to describe how wonderful this book is. Five stars seriously doesn't do it justice!
I'm not saying anything but trust me when I say that is worth buying
I just finished this and now I feel empty
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