Driving Lessons: A Novel (2014)
Driving Lessons: A Novel (2014)
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0062059823 (ISBN13: 9780062059826)
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Sarah is a big shot in a marketing firm in New York City. She chooses to go to Virginia with her husband, Josh, when he is offered a one year contract to teach at a small college. Sarah appears to have been unhappy at her job and ready for a change. The characters in book come across as bunch of people who are self centered and somewhat immature for being in their mid 30's. Sarah looks at Virginia as if she is being sent to an isolated place with people who are uneducated and certainly not up to the standard of her friends in New York City. She has difficulty finding a job, making new friends, and learning to drive a car. This is the story of Sarah, a NYC resident, who quit her job and moved to a small town in VA with her husband when he found a teaching job there. Sarah is unhappy with the rural setting and also the fact that she needs to learn to drive to get anywhere. She is also trying to decide whether to start a family. However her best friend Mona is diagnosed with cancer and Sarah decided to go back to NYC and help Mona.
Really enjoyed this book, quick read and fun! Loved all the New York descriptions.
This was an easy read - the story was relatable, and certainly believable
a waste of my time...
Very predictable
Cute story
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