Due Settimane D'attesa (2013)
Due settimane d'attesa (2013)
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8823504090 (ISBN13: 9788823504097)
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This book is very good. The characters are realistic and one can visualize oneself in their situation. The book even got me considering egg donation or at least wishing I had been more thoughtful about egg donation when I was younger. At parts this book is a real page turner. It has poignant moments and happy moments and we see how infertility can affect two different types of women with two very different lifestyles. This book follows on from Sarah Rayner's other book One Moment One morning although you do not need to have read the other book to pick up on what is happening here.it covers single parenthood, lesbianism, homosexuality, the modern day women and parenthood including childbirth. We also travel from the Brighton Lifestyle to London and Harley street. A good read. It's an interesting topic that is core of Sarah Rayner's book: egg sharing. The story of two women that don't know each other, still are connected. Lou, a lesbian woman, hears after an operation that she shouldn't wait too long if she's thinking about getting children. Her partner Sofia is not ready for children (or will probably never be ready), so they split up. The other woman is Cath. Cath is cancer survivor and will not be able to get children in a natural way. Unless she gets the eggs from another woman. And that's where the lives start to connect, because Lou is going to be the donor of eggs that Cath will receive. The book tells about the background of their lives, their relationships (partner, friends, family), how they get to the decision of hopefully becoming mothers and then the medical procedure and of course after the egg implantation.The book is an easy read, lots of emotions, up until the end. I found however an imbalance in the beginning and middle part. To me the decisions of the two women and their partners (including Lou's perm donor) were a bit rushed. Those are big decisions! I would have preferred a bit more thoughts and dialogue here. No wonder Sofia runs away! The middle part, after the decision, on the other hand was too long and too detailed. The author clearly did her homework on the medical part and everything was explained in a clear words, but it slowed down the story. The speed picked up towards the end to the best part of the book. I really liked the last part, it just took a bit too long to get there.
thought provoking. a really enjoyable book which I couldn't put down and read over 2 nights.
A quick read about two women's separate but connected journeys through IVF and egg sharing.
Although this book was a sequel to One Moment One Morning, it was mainly about Lou and IVF.
Great characters great story !!!! Best book I've read in a while xxx
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