Dumped In Oz (2014)
Dumped in Oz (2014)
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1627984860 (ISBN13: 9781627984867)
Dreamspinner Press
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Full disclosure here, I've never actually seen the Wizard of Oz in its entirety. I'm familiar enough with it from the clips I've seen to understand the references but I don't really get the appeal. Just saying. I've read a few Grey books now and for me it really depends on the story line and the characters. If I enjoy them I'll enjoy the book. I just find the cadence of the dialogue in his books can be really stilted and doesn't flow naturally so it tends to kick me out of the read in places.This was a pleasant book. Nice guys finding love in sweet, small Kansas town. The villains were a bit over the top which added to the unreal aura but I liked it enough that I'll check out the others in the series. Dude is just surviving without anything special in his life so when he gets a dubious promotion to the middle of nowhere Kansas for a year that is the wake-up call to change his life and start actually living. The nice but lonely guys is Lyle Powers who has accepted that job at his company's warehouse in central Kansas at the smallest but cutest town in middle America. I loved the descriptions of the little park in the middle of the town which was sweet and romantic like walking along the Seine river past the Ile de la Cité...We meet Roger Kypers early on in the story, but he appears periodically as Lyle starts to settle into the small town lifestyle. They are both loner guys with some great friends who wouldn't let them give up on life. Roger has a twelve-year-old daughter that he hardly gets to see because of his bitter ex-wife. So everyone has some complications, but isn't that life? It is my life.I enjoyed this story because it is so much about moving on and making the best with the people that you love (and deserve your love). I didn't like that Roger lied to himself and his wife for so many years, but he does 'pay' for it in so many ways. I would like to see more in the series so I'll keep my eye out for this author. It was well written, paced and edited so that I never felt like the story dragged. Fun read about middle-aged happiness and making your own family.164 pages and bought for 4.99$3 solid stars
Another (as always) fantastic one by Andrew Grey.
Another lovely Anrew Grey book.
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