Dunkle Magie (2011)
Dunkle Magie (2011)
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3802582403 (ISBN13: 9783802582400)
Egmont Lyx
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A solid sequel, with enough meat and new issues/questions raised to make me think the third will also be of the same quality. Which is becoming a bit rare in YA these days, to have a whole series that's good instead of just a good first book and then quality going downhill.My biggest problem would be Sophie's bi-polar reactions to Archer. She throws everything else away for him when she shouldn't, and when it's actually important, she decides to listen to everyone else and cut him out. A teenager unable to make up their mind about their strong hormones is okay, but when the switch only ever happens in order to create the most drama/suspense, it doesn't read as realistic just lazy tension building.Still, I'll be hunting down the third book to see where things go from here. Love triangles are the worst things ever created. Mostly because I am sick to death of seeing them and at the same time they are so easy to get caught up in. I mean dump the Eyeball and get with the hottie with pruning shears. What is with Sophie? It's not even a contest.The cover was an all out mess though. WHAT IS WITH THE FREAKING CAT? The main character is ALLERGIC to cats. So really the cover has to be so cliché and have a cat because it's a novel about witches.Still I loved that there was some father daughter time. Sophie also got to learn a bit about demons. And we learned those goody goodies aren't nearly as good as they let on. It was an information overload. The ending was a cliff hanger and I screamed when I realized it was the last page. My question on white and dark witches has still not been answered completely. So I have more to find in the series. Some people said this was better than the first but I disagree. the first was better than this one. SO I have to finish out the series but the second book was not my favorite by far. I really hope Archer gets killed in the final novel that way our leading lady can be with a seriously good guy. aka hottie with garden shears (swoons)
Holy Crap! A few things were predictable. Still very good.
They make this book just as good as the first one :D
Mejor que el primero ♡♡♡
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