Earth Afire (2013)
Earth Afire (2013)
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0765329050 (ISBN13: 9780765329059)
Tor Books
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Victor wants to save Earth from the formics. Unfortunately when they do come humanity can do nothing about it. On Earth the strategos commanded by captain Wit O' Toole are on e of the last defences against the formics. They have several efficient tactics as well as weapons for fighting the formics. They successfully manage to destroy one of the formic's bases. This gives hope to the people fighting to save Earth. There was a good narrative. The author puts a lot a thinking into the events that occur. Card really has a lot a plot twists that a difficult to predict while also leading the reader on about what might occur much later in the book. This is a simple but pleasurable read because it stimulates the mind while not numbing it with too much information at once. I enjoyed it a lot and I plan to read the next novel in the trilogy.
I loved this book. I can't wait for the next in the "Formic Wars" series to come out!
Another good tale. Similar feelings as from the first book.
Lame. I felt like I was reading one of the Halo books.
Ok but on on par with the Ender or Alvin Maker books
Good read about the time before Ender...
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