Earth Awakens (2014)
Earth Awakens (2014)
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"Earth Awakens" is the most recent book in the "Enderverse", Orson Scott Card's series of books relating to his original classic "Ender's Game". It is the third in a series of prequels (see "Earth Unaware" and "Earth Afire" before this one) that date to around a century before Ender comes onto the scene. Mazer Rackham is the character that connects the two time-frames.I will admit that I listened to this audiobook without realizing that there were two books before, as the cover gives no indication of such. However, the book does a good job providing necessary background as you go, so you don't feel like you missed much. If you are coming here directly from "Ender's Game", you should know that none of Orson Scott Card's later books have quite the punch that that one did. However, "Earth Awakens" is a fair science fiction adventure in its own right, traversing nations and Earth's surrounding space as the central characters find ways to fight back against the Formic invasion.In terms of the audio narration, this is another example of a recent trend where a series of audiobook narrators team up to deliver a story. I'm not a fan, preferring one good storyteller rather than a series of voices. I think it takes away from the story and affects the listener's concentration. To be honest, I have wondered if Stefan Rudnicki, with his very unique voice, needs to partner with others to do this type of narration as it might be hard to have an entire book narrated in such a deep octave. The only time I have seen this done well was with David Mitchell's "Bone Clocks" and "Cloud Atlas" since it helps to differentiate the hugely different character perspectives.Overall I would therefore say that it was a decent audiobook, but would have preferred it with a single narrator. As the third in this series, I enjoyed this book more than the other two. This was fast paced, and an excellent military sic-fi book. I particularly enjoyed the interface of military/family connections, and also the conflict between father and son. Heroic men and women, as well as children, highlight the series, and not everyone survives. Having read Ender's Game for the first time when it was published in 1985 and subsequent series books, I am pleased to be able to have this background story about the beginnings of the conflict between the Formics and Humans. It appears, however, that there might be another series on its way, as the ending of this book sets a timetable for the arrival of another fleet, about 5 years into the future. I look forward to it.
Unrelenting violence, unbelievable characters
An excellent conclusion to the trilogy!
Ahhh... There has to be another book!!
Enjoyable read.
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